Durian Ice-Cream

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Join us in loving quality Durian Ice Cream Malaysia

Our company is Fruitbuzz Asia, a virtuoso and forward-looking company in the region's Durian Ice Cream Malaysia and frozen dessert industry. We like to think of ourselves as creators of unique and fantastic desserts, snacks, and treats.

We went to such great lengths to produce Duriao because everyone deserves the best Ice Cream Durian Musang King Malaysia. So we aim to create a world where happiness can be found with every mouth-watering bite - from the ultra-rich and creamy durian cream to the sweet and irresistible durian pulp.

Durian-based food for lovers of the fruit!

We have engaged an independent expert panel to rate our products and help you make a more informed choice for many of our products.

We are always looking to improve our Musang King Ice Cream Malaysia offering and seek constant contact with our customers and suppliers.

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