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Fruitbuzz Asia puts a high priority on maintaining excellent quality by implementing a strict Quality Control System in durian production.
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If we don't develop a fresh Durian purée for the masses, we cannot call ourselves Malaysia Dessert Guru (with emphasis on Malaysia). Thank god we did, and damn, we are damn proud of it.

We have taken care of your hands, so you don't have to suffer the repercussions of eating the King of Fruits Durian Malaysia. Now you can find ways to get rid of the lingering smell on them because we have already taken care of it for you.

It's time to give durians a chance Every order we make has our unconditional guarantee that it is the Fresh Yellow Passion Fruit Klang Valley, so we offer a 100% replacement guarantee. Do you have bad experiences with durians that are unripe, watery, or sour? Then, try Fruit Buzz Asia's no-risk guarantee! Get a box of tasty durians, or we'll replace them for free!

Stop worrying about rotten or watery durian

Do you have a Bad Experience where you spent your hard-earned money but received unripe durians in return?

You got a watery durian that ruined your day because you did not know how to choose durian?

Our passion for durian led us to create Fresh Durian Klang Valley and Fresh Yellow Passion Fruit Klang Valley. We wanted you to experience the best durian without enduring the frustration.

Visiting Durian Farm Malaysia is a very relaxing experience!

This Farm is an ideal choice for travelers looking for charm, comfort, and convenience in Penang.

There are also many facilities available to enhance your stay in Penang at King Farm Musang Malaysia. These facilities are a sample of what sets Malaysia Musang King Farm apart from the others.

A durian buffet is all you can eat in Malaysia

Malaysia has many Durians, ranging from the cheapest and most common kind to the most expensive and most rare types.

This fruit stands out from all fruity Malaysia Durian Production and boasts as a monarch in a world of natural delicacies.

There's no way to underestimate an all-you-can-eat Durian Buffet Malaysia. You'll have to bow, respect, and possibly punish yourself a little.

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